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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Junk Mail

Stop and eliminate flyers, coupon packs, charity donation solicitations, catologs, credit card offers, mail for previous residents.

Junk mail wastes resources (water, energy, ink, paper) by being created and delivered, while becoming physical waste, and almost always goes straight to the trash without even being looked at. What’s the point?


Avoid being added to mailing lists in the first place by requesting your name not be lent, sold, or traded to other organizations when you subscribe to magazines or donate to charity. Quick letters for your convenience.

Help track the source of mailings by using fake middle names or surnames when you subscribe to magazines. Who are they to say your name isn’t Dave Newsweeksmith.

If you know the source of the mailings, formally request your name be removed. Quick letters for your convenience.

If the mail arrived via First Class postage, black out the bar code and write “Refused. Return to sender.” and send it back. You must use that wording. “Send this s*** back, yo” won’t cut it. The post office will cover the cost, as return service comes with First Class postage. Thus, don’t try this with third class “bulk” mail (“PRSRT STD”) as it will just get trashed. This isn’t an official way to remove yourself from mailing lists, but the originator might get the hint.

If you receive mail for someone not at your address, you can return the mail or forward it to the correct address. To return the mail, black out the bar code and write “Not at this address” and put it where you normally put your outgoing mail. To forward the mail, black out the bar code, cross out the original address, write in the correct address, and put the mail where you normally put your outgoing mail.

Remove yourself from national bulk mailing lists by contacting them directly (including Valpak, ADVO, Pennysaver, AOL).

Eliminate credit card offers by calling 1-888-5 OPT OUT (or 1-888-567-8688). This covers all agencies – Equifax, Trans Union, Experian and Innovis.

For mail order catalogs, most have 800 numbers for ordering that you can call and request your name be removed.


Scratch paper. :o \


More or less whatever you can do with newspaper.


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