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Redundant Box?

Today I bought a thing of contact lens cleaning solution, which comes in a bottle… that’s sealed in a box.

Why is there an extra box around the bottle? I guess the same applies to stuff like cough syrup. I had a few guesses that ended up still not making sense.

My guesses…

  1. Maybe the box is for tamper evidence so you can tell if the product has been opened. However, they all have that plastic tamper-evidence wrapping around the lid, so I don’t think the box is to tamper-proof the product.
  2. I noticed there’s a crapload of fine print on the inside of the box. Maybe it’s just a way of including that information without having to attach it to the bottle. I also thought the box might be to display general info, but all the info on the outside of the box is also on the bottle label. There’s definitely better ways to include fine print besides making a box and lining the inside with the info (such as those stickers with info beneath).
  3. My other guess is for shipping/packaging. Boxes stack. However, there are many other bottled products sold all willy nilly.
  4. Finally, it could just be for aesthetics. Heck, who knows… maybe there was a marketing study somewhere that discovered people are more likely to buy a nice boxed product over the same thing in naked bottle form.

Or maybe it’s a little bit of all of the above. Doesn’t make sense to me… seems like a waste.


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