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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen and are so helpful in the garden, you might even go out of your way to get more.

If that’s the case, hit up Starbucks, who gives “Grounds for Your Garden“. Participating Starbucks (meaning not all Starbucks) prepackage their spent grounds for you to take home for free. Call ahead to check if your local Starbucks participates in the program, and if not, the people there might be nice enough to collect some on their own for you to pick up later. Either way, call ahead to not risk wasting a trip (if you weren’t already planning on stopping by to purchase goods).


Nothing besides the obvious.


If you garden, you may want to get more details on using coffee grounds in your garden. Sprinkle some around acid-loving plants and when they’re watered, the plants will receive some of the slow-release nitrogen. What are acid-loving plants? I don’t know (although apparently rosebushes are). Test a little bit of grounds on your plants and see if they help or kill. :o P Even if used on the correct plants, going overboard can be harmful.


Grounds are high in nitrogen and go well in a compost bin. Feel free to toss in the filters, too, as those decompose.

Drop your grounds (and filters) in your vermicomposting bin (because I know you all have one). Apparently some worms love ‘em, some don’t care much for them.

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