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Category: Cloth/Textile


Includes denim jeans.

Since denim clothing is pretty durable, most likely the items still have life in them and can still be used by you or someone else. Otherwise, most reuses are craft ideas (although practical, too) and require sewing skills. Worst case, donating jeans regardless of condition still stands a good chance of them being recycled.

There are many more things you can make besides what is listed here, but many of them are just variations and you can find instructions by doing a simple Google search, or by applying your own creativity if you are artistically inclined.
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Dryer Lint

This stuff seems to be good for one thing and one thing only: setting on fire. Clean your lint trap often, as lint buildup decreases the efficiency of your dryer. As far as I know, lint isn’t even close to being an environmental hazard, so you don’t have to worry too much about this one. Continue »


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