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Plastic Grocery Bag Tax, AB 2058

I heard a commercial on the radio and visited the website… www.stopthebagtax.com. Check it out.

Basically, there’s a bill to tax consumers $0.25 for each plastic bag they get when they go grocery shopping. The commercial and website urge you to tell your legislator to oppose the bill. Mmmmmm yeah…. so… several things…

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Green Computing and Baby Otters

I posted an article on my workplace’s blog. It’s about green computing. I tried to find the right balance between not being too technical, plus giving news on the topic while also offering steps readers can take to be green instead of just reading about it.

Check out the article, “Green Computing and Baby Otters”.


Redundant Box?

Today I bought a thing of contact lens cleaning solution, which comes in a bottle… that’s sealed in a box.

Why is there an extra box around the bottle? I guess the same applies to stuff like cough syrup. I had a few guesses that ended up still not making sense.
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